Go Ye Ministries

Learn how you can positively impact children in need

Our Mission

(above), A performance of celebration for the visitors at Noah’s Boat, (Feb. 2020).

Go Ye Ministries ultimately aims to help children in need. Right now those children are in Kenya.

The Noah’s Boat Children’s Home was founded in 2017 by Avis Goodhart. After Meeting a woman who will remain unnamed. She had saved over 100 children from the 2008 post election Genocide. Now, she cares for over 47 children at the children’s home. Regardless, Her struggles are far from over.

How You Can Help

The Biggest Problem Go.Ye. and Noah’s Boat face is funding. While we aim to make a large impact, we love to have personal connections who donate to the Go Ye ministries family. While we explore new options through 2020’s challenges, those connections to our donors are more important than ever. The money people give is going directly to the children of Noah’s Boat, funding there education, health, and pursuit of happiness, something that is often hard to find in their part of the world.