Welcome! There is a lot going on.

Hi everyone, welcome to the brand new blog site for Go Ye Ministries.  We will do our best to keep everyone who is intrested with the most recent news about what is happening with the orphanage, school, church and ministry that is taking place in Pacasmayo. 

For the first bit of exciting news, we have decided to swap the location of the orphange and the school.  There are two major reasons we are doing this.  There will be more room for the existing kids and any kids in the future to play, and there are more rooms available for more kids to come without having to split them up.  So these last couple days the house mothers and the kids have been hauling over all their stuff to the new location. 

 All this doesn’t come without a headache though.  To move the locations there are mountains of expensive paper work to be done, and several inspections to pass, however  with God’s grace we will make it though these challenges.

Here is a picture of the exodus.

All the kids are doing their part
All the kids are doing their part

Bye for now, we hope to update this at least weekly for everyone to read.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome! There is a lot going on.

  1. Gingo Loco My sister in Law has been accused of this before. May God bless your hard work. Nothing is easy in Peru except bucketing water out of the basement. We are praying for you and are anxious to come back to Peru – hopefully next year.

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