The month of March is a busy one.  We have finally got the locations switched and now have more room for the kids in the orphanage.  Because of this the government has already sent us 10 new kids, that means we are now up to 47 kids at Casa de Paz.  Along with getting all the kids switched over we also had to switch over the offices from the school to the new location.  Right now we are also trying to get internet at new location for the offices, which is indeed a much more difficult thing to accomplish in Peru than the states. 

The first day of school was Tuesday.  We have around 80 kids attending the school right now and as you can see in the pictures below all the rooms are packed.  The team from Canada is arriving next week, so we are busy preparing for that as well.  When the Canadian team leaves we will be picking up two new volunteers whom we desperatly need to teach English at Generation of Leaders.

Please be praying for

  • Sponsors for kids at the school
  • Operations to run smoothly despite us being extremely short staffed rigth now.
  • A safe trip for the Canadian team
  • The quick return of Pastor Aulden and his wife Wendy from the states

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One thought on “Busy

  1. Hello there! I was in Pacasmayo last year working as an interprete, but I can’t be there last year. Regards and good luck to all the Canadian team, and the people in Pacasmayo. I will miss you.

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