Canadian Team

Here are a couple excerpts from some team members who went to Pacasmayo in March with a group from Canada, enjoy!

“How do you describe our time in Peru? When people ask, the first answer that comes out is that it was ‘an amazing experience’. It is so hard to put into words … the incredible, gracious loving people we met – being every bit as blessed by them as we were hoping God would bless them through us. Praising and worshiping God (and learning a little Spanish along the way), going door to door and inviting kids to VBS with a freedom and short notice you’d never get away with in Canada! … praying for a street vendor along the beach boardwalk … you have a chance to stretch yourself in a way you might not at home -with the hope that you’ll bring some of this new, stretched “you” to your world at home. The amazing thing was that with all the ups and downs, full and tiring schedule, the heat and the range of emotions, there seemed to be such a permeating sense of PEACE throughout the week that seemed evident in so many ways – a peace that only could be provided through God. Ah yes, Peru … you leave a piece of your heart there when you return back home.”



Once Again I feel so blessed to be a part of this day, to have the opportunity to bless and spend quality time with the women and children, will be memories that will last a life time! This year we had five of us cutting hair, Approx. 75 haircut’s were done that day! Yeah! and there were 11 other women/youth from our team that were at different stations spread throughout the church.  As I was looking around I noticed such Peace and Joy! There were women soaking their feet, toenails and fingernails being painted, make-up, and fun body art, braids and pony tails and a station set up for games and toy’s for the young children to play. But the thing I like most of all was the sound and of laughter and fellowship.  As a young girl I always wanted to be a hairdresser and since the age of 19, I graduated from hairdressing school, I used to question what my gift’s we’re from God but since Peru, God has shown me that he has given me many, To be able to go down to Peru to teach hair cutting to the orphans and women of the community and to cut and meet so many women’s hair is such a Gift to me. I thank God everyday for what he has done and is doing in my life, I thank God everyday for my Awesome supportive husband and my four beautiful boy’s, but I also thank him for my family and friends from Pacasmayo Peru!


Here are some pictures of the trip.

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