Help us build Go Ye Ministries’ Faithful Fifty Firm Foundation

Dear Partners, Family, and Friends

It has been a while since I have written a letter to you.  Life is very busy and a lot has happened in Pacasmayo, Peru recently. All of you have been personally involved with Go Ye Ministries at some point in the past and I want to share with you how you can help us now.

As of the last week in September, we had a surprise inspection from MINDES in Lima. They are the controlling body of the weak voices in Peru, such as the women, children, and orphanages. As with every inspection, we expected to meet a few new regulations, however, this time we were not prepared for their demands. The new rules say that I have to have a separate office for our Social Worker, Psychologist, Director and a clinic room where first aid medicines are kept.  Also, the Social Worker and Psychologist must be full time, in addition to raising salaries all around for our staff. They have been taking forceful action against those who don’t comply to these policies and several orphanages have already been shut down. They suggested we send them our compliance within six weeks or else measures will be taken to empty Casa de Paz and take the children from our care.

Where the children will go, we do not know. They will be split up and some will even go back to the abusive, neglectful parents they were taken from. I think these requests are extravagant and unnecessary for the bare functions of the orphanage, but the alternative is losing our children. I am in the process of requesting a six month period in order to make these adjustments. We need all the time we can get and now more than ever we need your support.

Right now, I am home in the United States and searching for speaking openings. One way you can help is that if you have any groups, clubs, churches, or workplaces that would like to learn more about Go Ye, I am more than open to coming and speaking to them about our ministry.

It’s time we get on a more solid, consistent economical base at Casa de Paz. I feel that God has shown me to campaign for fifty dollar a month pledges. These pledges will make up the vision for Go Ye’s Faithful Fifty Firm Foundation. Just as it takes many blocks to make up a foundation, we are looking at this as faithful fifty dollar “blocks” to build a sturdy financial base. Ask God how many blocks you can provide to support these children. We truly are living stones.

There are two ways you can send your financial donation. On our website,, we have a PayPal option, or you can send it to this address:

Go Ye Ministries

P.O. Box 1034

Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Along with any financial promise there is a tax-deductable receipt. Please let us know if we can depend on your gift for a monthly commitment. Also, we are beginning a monthly e-mail update. If you do not want to be included, just let me know.

Please help us to build this foundation.



“I also told them about the gracious hand of my God upon me and what the king had said to me. They replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.” Nehemiah 4:18

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