Go Ye Ministries Report for 2 011 by Avis Goodhart

Avis Goodhart 2012

God has been faithful to us as He always is.  We just finisher our 4TH year in Generation of Leaders School.   GOL  started with grades 1ST – 6TH and each year we have added the next grade.   In 2011 we had 85 students and grades 1ST – 9TH.  The school year starts in March and finishes in mid December.   GOL won several awards this past school year in Chess, Marching and Sports.

I have been the director(principal) for the past 4 years but God has shown me it is time to give the school to the Peruvian,  Christian teachers that have worked in the school for the past 2 or 3 years.  As an owner/operated school they will not be under the strict pay scale that has been required of GYM.   This transaction doesn’t include the building which GYM built in 2004.  But we are going to make an agreement with the teacher for uses of the building in turn for our children of Casa de Paz Orphanage to go to school free.  This agreement will be for 3 years.

Girls House, Kids watching a movie. Need more space.

Casa de Paz Orphanage has continued to care for abandon and abused children.  We have 35 children at this time. Many of our children have been adopted to various countries and some children were able to be placed with their family members.  We have gotten new children throughout the year.  At this time we have 22 girls living in one house.  A new house needs to be opened.  We have it built but it needs tile in the bathrooms, and some more electrical work to be ready for uses.  Opening a new house means we will need more moms and that means new salaries which is an ongoing commitment, this is one of the biggest reasons we have not opened the second girls house but now it is a must.  No more room for girls unless we open the second house and hire more Moms.

The kids enjoyed an exciting and blessed Christmas this year starting with a Christmas Program at our Church lead by Nilka, Pastor Willy’s daughter.   Also the Chicken Company and the employees of FISCALE (a branch of the government that works with children) each gave the kids a party with nice gifts.   Also each of our kids received a personal card and little gift from our Canadian friends which was special for kids because they have a relationship with the Canadians.

Our Church Marcos 16:15, under the leadership of Pastor Willy and Nila is growing in their push to reach the youth of Pacasmayo.  There are many functions for the youth including a study on relationships between boy – girl.  They are studying a book by ED and Nancy Cole.

The youth also are very involved in our Church in everything from praise and worship, pray, leading worship, singing, dancing, helping with the sound system, helping with the very young children during Sunday Service, and in keeping  the Church clean.  They met to pray and practices several times a week.   Nila and I (with the help of  Maryann as my translator) co-teach a women’s Bible Study each week at the Church.   And Pastor Nila and several youth have a Bible Study for Kids and Women out in a small county village each Friday.  While Maryann and I have a Bible Study for a new group of women out on the old dump.  At the same time Mandy, and several of our older Casa Kids do a fun Bible Study with the kids of that area.

That leads me to tell about our two long term wonderful volunteers.  The first is Mandy a 25 years old with a degree from Moody in Bible and a Special ED. Teaching degree from a University.   Mandy loves the LORD and has a servant’s heart.  She is house mom to 13 boys (one is a baby) from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM each day.  Mandy also teaches English several hour a week in our school and does many activates with the kids and community.  She is a faithful, fun help to me.  Praise God!

The other volunteer I must THANK 100 Huntley Street for.   Bruce is a 64 year old man who loves Jesus and Children.  Bruce is from BC and saw the Crossroads program about GYM in May of 2010.  He left his ranch and was down here within two months and he plans to stay here with the kids until he is too old to be of help.    His heart is with the kids, he told me he cast his lot with the kids, what happens to them happens to him.  Bruce fixes our broken pipes, electric problems, drives the kids to doctors, judges, wherever, he guards the compound at night and has invested his saving into what is needed for the kids.  So thank you God for Bruce.

We have many needs like washing machines, a new stove for the boys house and gallons of paint for all the metal windows and doors that rust because of the salt in the air from the sea.  For the last several month we have had to buy bottled water for our kids at the cost of 1500 soles (About $500) a month.  Also, we are having trouble getting enough water to keep the plants alive but the government is putting in pipes so maybe we will get water, hopefully by the end of 2012.  GOD is GOOD and HE knows our needs so I cast all of my worries on HIM because HE loves us.  My prayer for all of you is that you stay in HIS presence.      Embracing HIS Grace,  Avis


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  1. good day man of god my name is wiseman kallie.
    i m 31 years old ,i stay in south africa we have some vision we ranning the ministries go ye ministries in south africa. i we like to know each other better god bless you

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