Hail to the Chief!!

During the past year many exciting things have been happening with Go Ye Ministries and Casa de Paz! In preparation of the publication of her book, Avis knew she needed to make some changes. The release of the book will require Avis to be away for extended periods speaking and publicizing the book and our ministry. As amazing as Avis is even she cant be in two places at once1

After prayerful consideration Jake Hiebert is the new President of Go Ye Ministries. Avis is still very active in the ministry and is now Vice President. The day to day handling of operations has been turned over to Jake. So far he is doing an awesome job leading us all through this transition time. We really feel God’s anointing and blessing.

Jake and his family- wife Maggie and children Carletia, Mateo and youngest Talliha moved to Peru 1 1/2 years ago. They followed God’s  call to come and serve Him here by loving the children and people of Peru. It is awesome to watch God bless and grow this family as they follow His servant example.



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Founder of Go Ye Ministries.

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