Love in Action

Dear Children we must show love through action that is sincere not just empty words.

1 John 3:18 (God’s Word translation)

Casa de Paz had the privilege of seeing love in action over the past few weeks. We had a group of young women with us, whose joy for the Lord seeped into every corner of the compound! Alyssa, Courtney,Logan and Samantha put a lot of sweat and manual labor into expressing their Christ like love to the children and staff!

Not only did they invest their time and love into the lives of the children they completed two major task.  As full time staff there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything off the “To Do List”, so when willing and energetic volunteers come it truly is a blessing. When those volunteers accept the task with a willing heart and a smile it is even more wonderful.

During their time with us, “The Girls” updated our playground equipment with a vibrant new coat of paint. It is a cheery sight that can be seen from any vantage point at Casa de Paz. When you add in several of our excited kids you have a winning combination.

The Girls: Samantha, Alissa, Courtney and Logan

The  Bodacious Bodega is the task “The Girls” tackled that will have the biggest impact. A bodega is a small store or storage room. Our bodega was in woeful need of a little TLC! Alyssa, Courtney, Logan and Samantha jumped in and tackled mounds of donated clothes, blankets, shoes and anything else that had been crammed into this space for safe keeping.

Bodega 2
The Bodega before the makeover.

Hours were spent washing and organizing clothes. This was no small feat as we are still waiting on the delivery of our commercial washer. Many nights “The Girls” would stay up and wash so the one small washer we have would be free for the house moms during the day. Once the clothes were cleaned they were sorted into boys vs. girls clothing, then sizes and style of clothing.  All this was cataloged so a spread sheet could be created. This will let us know what we have on hand. Not only will our Casa Kids benefit but many of the people in our community will benefit as well. A large clothing give away is being planned for the families who live in the surrounding dump. Warm clothes and blankets will be greatly appreciated during this chilly time of year.

The entire room was swept, mopped and  put into proper order. Most impressive was that anytime you passed by the bodega you would hear singing or laughing as “The Girls” joyfully served not only Casa de Paz but the Lord. A true example of 1 John 3:18 being lived out for us all .

Bodacious Bodega Girls and the result of their labor!
Bodacious Bodega Girls and the result of their labor!


We truly are thankful for individuals and groups who take the time to volunteer at Casa de Paz. If you would like more information about volunteering or bringing a mission team to serve, please see our Volunteer page for more information or contact us. We would love to have you!

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