Whew… things are busy!

It has been a hectic few months. But we are so excited to see God at work and to be right in the middle of it all! Here is a brief recap of what all has been happening:

  • Avis has left for an extended stay in the US and Canada. Her book “Out of the Dust: The Story of an Unlikely Missionary” is in the final editing stages before the October release date. Avis will be speaking and sharing all across the US and Canada. She will be sharing her story of God’s Grace  and introducing people to her book. We sure miss her presence here but we can already see God at work in this new phase of ministry!                                                      Out of the Dust (Cover Wrap)
  • Go Ye Ministries is now part of the SMILE Amazon program. If you will go to Smile Amazon and select Go Ye Ministries Prairie Grove AK as your charity of choice, Amazon will give us a % of all you buy! It doesn’t cost you anything and you will be supporting us in yet another way! You can pre-order your copy of Out of the Dust!                              Amazon Smile
  • Our much anticipated Speed Queen washers have arrived. we are working through a few installation glitches, but hope to have then up and running soon. Some of the girl’s just couldn’t wait to check them out! We are so thankful for the incredible VBS kids who raised the money for the washers!                                                                                               IMG_0734
  • Our secretary Juana has introduced us to an new area of service and ministry. She took Jake, Maggie and Tammy to visit a sheltered workshop for disabled adults. The program is called Youth without Boundaries. Our visit was great. Jake and Maggie saw a need and provided a 2 burner propane stove for the center to use in cooking classes. Tammy will be volunteering one day a week. It is so awesome to see God increasing our ministry borders and opening doors into the community for us!                                                                                                                                                  Youth without Boundaries
  • Casa de Paz has had a baby explosion! We have 3 new Casa Girls to love and nurture. One of our babies is in the process of being adopted by her new forever parents. We are blessed that her soon to be mom has a heart for Casa de Paz and is volunteering with all our kids. Be in prayer for the other two little ones. 
  • We have been blessed with volunteers! We are so appreciative of folks who take the time to come and serve here! There is always a project to be done, a task to be completed or a child to love on. We are excited to see who will be the next volunteer!
  • Creating Hope has hired our first employee! It is so awesome to see Ysabel training this new worker. We have been able to use our profits to buy new material and to update the workroom. The Creating Hope staff is currently working on a new Fall & Winter line for our web store, as well as filling a consignment order for a shop in the nearby beach town of Huanchacho! Check out www.goyeministriescreatinghope.com to see our latest creations!

As you can see we stay busy here! We are so thankful to be right smack dab in the center of what God is doing in Pacasmayo Peru!

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