English Teachers

Go Ye Ministries is looking for some English teachers for the school year of 2010.  The school year goes from March until December.  This job requires about 20 hours a week of in class teaching and another 5-10 hours outside of class.  It is recommended but not required that the person in this position is at least familiar with Spanish.  If you can stay for the entire school year we offer a place to live free of charge.

If immersing yourself in a new culture and helping children is something that you would be interested in please contact us at goyeministries@gmail.com

Note: A volunteer for the English teacher position needs to be at least 20 years old and have some experience.

God is Great!

Short and sweet version, Our prayers were answered, Gerson is ok. Thank you everyone for your prayers! 

Long version.

Gerson has always had something wrong with his legs. It started when he was little. He was always the first one to get tired or have pains. They had taken him to a couple doctors in the past and they chalked it up to “malnutrition as a baby”. After Avis decided that wasn’t a good enough explanation she took him to the Mercy Ship when it was in Peru. The Mercy ship is a boat filled with doctors from all over the world and the most advanced medical equipment that travels around to different areas of need. None of the doctors on that ship new what was wrong with him either and they said they couldn’t help. So, since the mercy ship couldn’t do anything and it didn’t appear that his condition was worsening they decided that for right then that was as good as answer as they were going to get.

However, over the past 6 months Gerson has been having increased pains and trouble walking. They took him to the doctor again, who again said “I don’t know.” So they took him to a specialist. This specialist took some x-rays and said that it wasn’t anything to do with the bones. So they took him to another specialist who then gave some bad news. The doctor said Gerson had some sort of muscular disease, but they still didn’t know exactly.

When I found this out, I went into over drive. I started researching every muscular disease under the sun. We’ll after 3 or 4 days of research is when it hit me. Gerson had Muscular Dystrophy. He had EVERY single symptom. EVERY single one. The main one being his lack of lower body coordination, walking mannerisms, and his worsening pain and easy fatigue. But muscular dystrophy also explained why he would get worse respiratory infections than other kids. It also explained why he has trouble in school, lower levels of distrophin in the blood stream slows memorization. After realizing this is when I kind of freaked out. I came to the conclusion that everything matches up so perfectly that this must be what he has.

I still needed to know for certain one thing. Which type it was. So I asked Maribel the head house mom to start calling around and finding out where she can get the proper blood, MRI, and Genetic tests done to determine which type of dystrophy he had… because there are several and they all very greatly in the severity. So she finally found another specialist who also had all the proper resources to conduct all the testings.

He did the MRI, and was amazed to find that all of Gersons muscles and nervous system tissue was perfectly healthy. The blood tests came back today as well…they showed that he had perfectly normal levels of everything.

After further examination of the MRI the specialist found that Gersons ligaments in his legs are out of balance and appear to be growing at different rates. Something that can be fixed as easily as wearing corrective shoes and braces for awhile. As for the other symptoms that didn’t have to do with his legs, the doctor surmised that a few of them could be due to Gerson’s bad battle with TB a couple years back, and the others well, the doctor thinks Gerson might have been playing tired to get more attention (not sure if I completely buy that one…but possible I guess).

So Thank God for answered prayers. Gerson is going to be alright.

Canadian Team

Here are a couple excerpts from some team members who went to Pacasmayo in March with a group from Canada, enjoy!

“How do you describe our time in Peru? When people ask, the first answer that comes out is that it was ‘an amazing experience’. It is so hard to put into words … the incredible, gracious loving people we met – being every bit as blessed by them as we were hoping God would bless them through us. Praising and worshiping God (and learning a little Spanish along the way), going door to door and inviting kids to VBS with a freedom and short notice you’d never get away with in Canada! … praying for a street vendor along the beach boardwalk … you have a chance to stretch yourself in a way you might not at home -with the hope that you’ll bring some of this new, stretched “you” to your world at home. The amazing thing was that with all the ups and downs, full and tiring schedule, the heat and the range of emotions, there seemed to be such a permeating sense of PEACE throughout the week that seemed evident in so many ways – a peace that only could be provided through God. Ah yes, Peru … you leave a piece of your heart there when you return back home.”



Once Again I feel so blessed to be a part of this day, to have the opportunity to bless and spend quality time with the women and children, will be memories that will last a life time! This year we had five of us cutting hair, Approx. 75 haircut’s were done that day! Yeah! and there were 11 other women/youth from our team that were at different stations spread throughout the church.  As I was looking around I noticed such Peace and Joy! There were women soaking their feet, toenails and fingernails being painted, make-up, and fun body art, braids and pony tails and a station set up for games and toy’s for the young children to play. But the thing I like most of all was the sound and of laughter and fellowship.  As a young girl I always wanted to be a hairdresser and since the age of 19, I graduated from hairdressing school, I used to question what my gift’s we’re from God but since Peru, God has shown me that he has given me many, To be able to go down to Peru to teach hair cutting to the orphans and women of the community and to cut and meet so many women’s hair is such a Gift to me. I thank God everyday for what he has done and is doing in my life, I thank God everyday for my Awesome supportive husband and my four beautiful boy’s, but I also thank him for my family and friends from Pacasmayo Peru!


Here are some pictures of the trip.

Tough times

First of all a huge thanks to the Canadian team and all their help a couple weeks ago.

Right now however, we are going through some hard times here in Pacasmayo.  We are fairly certain that Gerson, one of the boys at Casa de Paz, has a type of muscular dystrophy.  Currently we do not know exactly what type but we are in the process of finding out where we can get the tests done to find this out.  Please be praying for him.

Another child that some of you might or might not know, Olga, who suffers from dwarfism is needing a surgery because her ribcage is starting to grow into her heart. Please be praying for her as well.

We are also going through some growing pains at the school.  We are working to get these all ironed out.  Please be praying for the school.


The month of March is a busy one.  We have finally got the locations switched and now have more room for the kids in the orphanage.  Because of this the government has already sent us 10 new kids, that means we are now up to 47 kids at Casa de Paz.  Along with getting all the kids switched over we also had to switch over the offices from the school to the new location.  Right now we are also trying to get internet at new location for the offices, which is indeed a much more difficult thing to accomplish in Peru than the states. 

The first day of school was Tuesday.  We have around 80 kids attending the school right now and as you can see in the pictures below all the rooms are packed.  The team from Canada is arriving next week, so we are busy preparing for that as well.  When the Canadian team leaves we will be picking up two new volunteers whom we desperatly need to teach English at Generation of Leaders.

Please be praying for

  • Sponsors for kids at the school
  • Operations to run smoothly despite us being extremely short staffed rigth now.
  • A safe trip for the Canadian team
  • The quick return of Pastor Aulden and his wife Wendy from the states

Welcome! There is a lot going on.

Hi everyone, welcome to the brand new blog site for Go Ye Ministries.  We will do our best to keep everyone who is intrested with the most recent news about what is happening with the orphanage, school, church and ministry that is taking place in Pacasmayo. 

For the first bit of exciting news, we have decided to swap the location of the orphange and the school.  There are two major reasons we are doing this.  There will be more room for the existing kids and any kids in the future to play, and there are more rooms available for more kids to come without having to split them up.  So these last couple days the house mothers and the kids have been hauling over all their stuff to the new location. 

 All this doesn’t come without a headache though.  To move the locations there are mountains of expensive paper work to be done, and several inspections to pass, however  with God’s grace we will make it though these challenges.

Here is a picture of the exodus.

All the kids are doing their part
All the kids are doing their part

Bye for now, we hope to update this at least weekly for everyone to read.