Meet the Founder!

Avis Goodhart

Avis Goodhart is the founder of Go Ye Ministries, she wanted to help children and communities in need. After raising a family of her own and completing a career in teaching, she decided she wanted to help those who needed it. Avis served missions in multiple countries before creating her own Ministry, Go Ye. Under Go Ye, Avis managed to find many children new homes, and even reshaped a community inside Peru. Unfortunately health problems took Avis out of the fight for a few years. For the past three years, Go Ye and Avis have been working to secure a healthy home for a new group of children in Kenya. Unsurprisingly, Go Ye is supporting not only these children, but the community around them. Avis’ mission will continue through ministry, not only in the service of God but in the service of those who need service.

Out of the Dust (Cover Wrap) 

Out of the Dust: The Story of an Unlikely Missionary is an amazing collection of memoirs from the life and experiences of Avis Goodhart.  Her life is a testimony to the amazing truth that God can and will use anyone who is willing to be used for His Glory! Life Sentence Publishing will be releasing this must read book in the fall of 2014.

” Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you are broke” (Chapter 3 and 22)

“The limits of of our abilities no longer bind us” ( Chapter 11)

” All we have to do is be willing. God is big enough to move us where He wants us” (Chapter 18)

” No one can walk out your calling but you.” (Chapter 23)

You will be able to purchase the book in person during Avis’s speaking engagements. Additionally the book is available in both paperback and e-editions via the following retailer:

Get all the latest on Avis’ Author Page on Amazon!

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