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We offer both group and individual volunteer opportunities at our location in Pacasmayo Peru.  We will work with our volunteers and group team leaders to try and provide on site housing. However,preference to long term volunteers will be made for on site housing. For team  trips we can provide housing if scheduling allows. Please know that the accommodations include sleeping on the floor with a twin size mattress and our showers do not have hot water. Due to bathing facilities we do not have the space to house married couples together. Housing is provided in a male and female dorm. If we are unable to accommodate your group we do have a working relationship with a local hotel, and we will be glad to help you facilitate hotel accommodations.

Group opportunities are mostly construction based projects.  Projects include renovating the school building, construction of new housing units, or any miscellaneous project that we have need for.  Groups can also do city evangelism such as vacation bible school, food and clothing drives, or medicals.  Groups are expected to provide the money needed in order to buy any construction or outreach materials.

Individual volunteering positions can be short or long term.  Our current greatest need is for couples who are willing to commit to a minimum of two years, and serve as house parents. Our children need the structure, teaching and relationship skills that develop in a family setting. We are also looking for people who are interested in teaching English in our school. The Peruvian school year starts in March and lasts until mid December.  Ideally the volunteer would be able to stay for the entire duration of the school year.  They would be responsible for teaching and grading the  curriculum to children in grades 1st through 11th.  For serving as a English teacher it is not required that the volunteer be able to speak Spanish, but it helps. Short term volunteers tasks are mainly assisting the full time staff as needed. Tasks could include, maintenance work, assisting with childcare, cooking, and tutoring children.  All volunteers are also encouraged to spend time with the kids in the orphanage either by just playing with them or coming up with projects or games, anything to keep them active and engaged. The first step to get involved is to send us an e-mail at goyeministries@gmail.com

“I went to Pacasmayo thinking I would get to love on some kids; I left Pacasmayo having been loved on everyday by the kids there and wanting to take them all home with me.  Their beautiful smiles and the outpouring of joy in their hearts filled my heart.  I will never forget how they hug you.  They embrace you with such love!  The love and hope of Christ is contagious there!” ~Aimee, volunteer in July 2009

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